i0 Fully Automatic Inline Tray Sealer

Versatile and efficient, fully electrical, and easy to use, the i0 is ideal for the ever-changing production environment, allowing you to easily meet changes in demand.

Fully automated, with capability for MAP and GMAP, this inline machine can rise to the occasion for a wide range of heat-sealing requirements. Designed to fully integrate additional production equipment such as coders or printers, and to withstand the demands of a busy food manufacturing plant. Adaptable to different packaging materials, whether that be plastic, foil, or card, if it is flexibility and reliability you’re after, this offers excellent value.

With a relatively small footprint, the i0 offers you the flexibility to seal trays of a variety of sizes, with simple-to-change tooling to enable faster changeovers. Should you need to wash down between lines, the stainless steel construction makes that an easy task. Spares and tooling are provided as standard with each machine should you need them, as well as 24 hour support and on-call engineers.


front of i0 inline tray sealer i0 inline tray sealer internal

MPE are wholly based in the UK with years of experience in the tray sealing and packaging industry and can offer custom designed machinery to suit your production needs. Our service continues long after installation, assuring you that your investment will continue to give excellent service for many years. Features of the i0 include:

  • Superior solution for MAP and GMAP packaging.
  • Stainless steel wash down construction design.
  • Fully automatic machine with equipment integration capability.
  • Easy-load film cradle for precise film positioning.
  • Small footprint design saves valuable floor space.
  • Rapid changeover between tray sizes.
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK.
  • High force electric seal

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