Sandwich Sealing Machinery

High-quality Sandwich Sealing Machinery

Our complete range of sandwich sealing machinery gives you the option to find a product that works for your food production facility.

MPE design and manufacture sandwich sealing machinery in the UK and offer a range designed to suit the need of the food producer. All machines are custom-made to individual requirements, with specific tooling according to the size and shape of the packaging. The machines are designed to seal card, film, plastic and foil packaging, and we have recently launched the SL1400 with the additional benefit of MAP technology.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging is designed to increase the shelf life of your product, by replacing the air around your product with a specified blend of gases, usually oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide. This gas prevents the product from the deterioration usually associated with exposure to air. This process is not new to MPE, as all of the tray sealing machines are designed with this capability, which is frequently used in packaging of red meats, to ensure the colour is retained for the duration of the products shelf-life.

The team at MPE have many years of experience in the food packaging industry so you can expect a high level of customer service, which does not stop at installation. Our technicians and engineers are on call 24 hours to ensure that your production facility runs to plan. The machinery is supplied with extra tooling and spares should you need them.

When you choose one of our machines, you are assured that they are designed for ease of use, durability and functionality. We set high performance standards, which has help to cement our reputation in the food industry as tray sealing experts.

Our range of Sandwich Sealing Machinery

TT600 Sandwich Sealing Machine

SL1200 Linear Sandwich Sealing Machine

SL1400 MAP Sandwich Sealing Machine

SL1500 Inline Automatic Heat-Sealing Machine

SL1800 Linear Sealing Machine