New Tray Denester

At MPE we understand that productivity, efficiency, and waste reduction are key considerations to any modern business. Our latest innovation, the tray de-nester, has been designed with this in mind and is ideal for our customers looking to give any high-volume production line a flying start when it comes to improving productivity and packaging accuracy.

tray denesting machine

How Does Our Tray Denester Work?

Our tray denester is capable of automatically unstacking 200 trays at 60 trays per minute before filling with only a simple five-minute changeover time. Our design increases throughput, yet reduces intense manual labour giving you the freedom to relocate staff to other areas of production. With these types of speeds and levels of adaptability, de-nesters are quickly becoming an everyday essential to the production line.

Our self-regulating system is designed to be used with any flat blue belt or indexing conveyor with full control over speed. This product sits comfortably with your existing set-up. It is easy to integrate into any production line without taking up valuable factory floor space and is adaptable to trays of various materials, shapes and sizes, including large formats.

Design Features and Benefits

  • Compact model, designed to take up minimal factory floorspace
  • Offers customers better after-sales support
  • Built with top specification, food grade materials
  • Easy to operate and capable of running trays all varying shapes and sizes including large format trays
  • Can be used with base materials of card, plastic or foil

Tray Denester Specifications


  • Length: 611mm
  • Width: 650mm

Other specifications:

  • Electrical supply: 230V AC single phase 13 Amps