Tray Sealing Machinery

High-Quality Tray Sealing Machinery

A complete solution for you, our tray sealing machinery range offers throughputs from 20 to 100 packs per minute.

At MPE UK Ltd we manufacture an extensive range of tray sealing machinery for many packaging applications, most notably in the food and drink sector.

Our team has many years’ experience in the tray sealing industry, with a deep understanding of your production requirements. So, when you choose one of our tray sealing machines you can expect high-quality, high-performing machinery. We set and deliver high performance standards and that’s exactly what’s helped cement our reputation within the tray sealing and packaging industry.

You can also expect the best level of customer care and after sales service from our highly responsive team.

Our tray sealing machinery range

Take a look at our tray sealing machinery range including the full spec sheets here:

RT900 Rotary Tray Sealer

i-0 Inline Tray Sealer

i-3 Tray Sealer

i-4 Tray Sealer

Tray Denester