SL1200 Linear Sandwich Sealing Machine

This automatic sandwich sealing machine has the benefit of being able to seal a wide range of film or card lids to plastic, card or foil containers. If you’re looking for versatility, capability and reliability this machine is definitely worth a look. Designed with a mid-sized packing operation, this linear machine can seal up to 48 packs per minute. It is simple to use, and tooling can be easily changed and adjusted for different sizes and shapes.

SL1200 Linear Sandwich Sealing Machine SL1200 Linear Sandwich Sealing Machine top

Design features and benefits

  • Simple colour touch screen operator controls.
  • Food-grade hygienic stainless steel construction & guarding.
  • Accurate temperature and index speed controls.
  • Accurate tool alignment system provides a consistently accurate seal.
  • Ramp eject system delivers trays to next stage operations.
  • Maintenance free bearings.
  • Complete set of tooling to suit customer specific tray/pack size.


  • Length: 2500mm
  • Height: 1183mm
  • Conveyor width: 864mm
  • Weight: 378kg
  • Electrical supply: 3 phase 415V 50Hz 16A
  • Air Consumption: 9 CFM
  • Production speed: 20 cycles per minute


  • Adjustable size tooling
  • Remote access
  • Silent air compressor
  • Spacing conveyor
  • Coding and printing
  • Film feed

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