All-electric i3 Tray Sealer

Cost-saving, versatile and class-leading, the new i3 tray sealer is perfect for your meat products, fresh produce and ready meals.

High throughput technology means it’s more capable of running larger format trays than its main competitors, and the i3 takes up minimal factory floor space.

The small footprint design of our robust and high speed i3 tray sealer is ideal for food growers, saving valuable floor space and efficient and rapid changeover between tray sizes. Additionally, this machine, offers the deepest available tray sealing capacity at 200mm. This makes it perfect for the catering trade and meat processors delivering lines such as joints and sausages.

And it’s all-electric, meaning no pneumatics, bringing energy savings for the food industry and quicker payback on investment. If you’re looking for funding this could also open funding streams through sustainability grants.

back of i3 compact tray sealer machine i3 machine specification sheet

The whole machine is future-proofed to take advantage of software upgrades to increase performance. Features include:

  • A self-intuitive user interface.
  • Quick and easy tool change.
  • Advanced self-diagnostics.
  • Rogue object detection.
  • Smart spacing technology.
  • Changeover in 5 minutes.
  • 18 cycles per minute.
  • Constantly monitors performance.

“We’re in a great position to provide the UK’s food processing companies of all sizes exactly what they need to stay ahead of the packaging innovation curve.”

John Hodgkiss, MPE UK Ltd’s Technical Director on the i3.

i3 Tray Sealer Specification

Click me for the full specification sheet.