July 1, 2022

Following hot on the heels of the launch of its new i3 tray sealer, MPE UK Ltd has rolled out an even more compact and versatile machine for food processors. Designed to replace the popular i2, the MPE i4 has the same class-leading characteristics of its predecessors but with significant upgrades.

Suitable for a variety of applications such as fresh produce, ready meals and red meats the fully automatic MPE i4 is built with top-spec materials. One significant feature is its ability to be very quickly expanded or upsized with the same components as its “big sister” machine, the i3.

Boasting high throughput technology – sealing up to 80 packs per minute – and capable of running large format trays, MPE has tapped into its extensive heat-sealing experience to provide another robust machine which is simple, reliable and efficient to operate, while its small footprint design saves valuable factory floor space.

MPE i4’s easy and quick tool changes, rapid changeover between tray sizes and maintenance-friendly construction reduces downtime to a minimum, enabling speedy processing of lines such as ready meals and sausages. Its five-tray sealing capacity at 200mm is one of the deepest available – and it’s also perfect for the catering trade and growers of soft fruit.

The machine’s versatility extends to ready meals with the full range of packing materials, including PET, polypropylene, PVC, styrene, board, paper and smooth wall foil containers. Like all the company’s machines MAP comes as standard.

In response to businesses crying out for sustainable packaging systems, the i4 is an all-electric machine. This means no pneumatics, bringing energy savings for the food industry and quicker payback on investment. It could also open funding streams through sustainability grants.

Other features include a self-intuitive user interface, advanced self-diagnostics, rogue object detection, tracking tray spacing technology and advanced Al temperature control system for thin packaging. Last but not least the i4’s programming constantly monitors performance and displays any issues to the user along with a solution.

Developed and manufactured in the UK, the i4 can be bespoke to a customer’s requirements. MPE’s Technical Director, John Hodgkiss, believes that the company’s extensive experience of the tray-sealing industry enables it to deliver highly versatile alternatives to the marketplace that are robust enough to be used in the toughest environments.

He explained: “MPE is committed to producing equipment designed to deliver performance and longevity – and that’s also easy to maintain and extend. Our design team is very flexible and quick off the mark in bringing great ideas through to the end product. The need for speed and accuracy is driving automation and innovation in the food industry, so we continually strive to provide exactly what our customers need to stay ahead of their competition and meet their own customers’ demands, as effectively and efficiently as possible.”

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