RT900 Semi-Automatic rotary tray sealer

Robust and capable yet portable and simple to use, the RT900 is ideal for busy production environments and designed to work with plastic, card or foil containers.

This semi-automatic tray sealing machine has been designed with a twin-station rotary table for smaller spaces, and can be moved around, ensuring it is there when you need it, and out of the way when you don’t.

RT900 rotary tray sealer on a white background RT900 rotary tray sealer internal

Ideal for adding capacity to your packaging facility, with an HMI recipe driven set up, available with or without MAP and VMAP, the benefits of this machine are in its’ simplicity. Changeovers are also shortened by the front-loading tooling access and quick-release film waste, giving you a reduced down-time. The standard sealing speed is 15 cycles per minute, with adjustable size tooling available to suit a range of needs including larger tray items such as meat or fish.

With remote process control monitoring, this machine enables you to access software updates, fault diagnostics, and our dedicated customer care portal for KPI’s.

Our high quality, UK manufactured machines offer you time-saving production line solutions with an assurance of excellent customer service before, during and after installation. Features include:

  • Quick and easy tool change.
  • Fully portable.
  • Flexible tooling packages.
  • Simple colour touch screen operator controls.
  • Accurate temperature and seal controls.
  • Precision tool alignment system provides a consistent seal.
  • Maintenance free bearings.
  • Remote performance monitoring.

RT900 Semi-Automatic Rotary Tray Sealer Specification

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