FC Flat Conveyor

The FC Flat conveyor is designed to sit alongside your packaging machinery and is a hygienic and modular way to move your product from one process to the next. Full integration with other production lines and processes means that you have a seamless, automated line to move your products to the next stage of the packaging line.

Designed and manufactured in the UK to complement the i-series of MPE packaging machinery, the conveyor can be installed at either end of the production process. It can be custom made, enabling you to specify the height, length and width required for your production floor space. If you are looking to move product in a controlled and precise manner, this conveyor can be custom made to meet your requirements.

FC flat conveyor front FC flat conveyor back

And you can expect the same excellent customer service levels from MPE, with all tooling and spares provided to reduce production downtime and engineers on call 24 hours. The team at MPE have many years of experience within the food production and packaging industry and are able to assist with making your machinery work for you.

Some of the features include:

• Hygienic open wash down construction.
• Quick-release belting.
• Variable belt speed.
• Full-length tray guides.
• Full integration with the MPE i-series machines.

FC Flat Conveyor Specification

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