MPE Makes the Case for All-Electric Packaging Systems


November 10, 2022
MPE Makes the Case for All-Electric Packaging Systems

Why Invest in All-Electric Packaging Systems?

In response to businesses crying out for sustainable packaging systems, all-electric machines mean no pneumatics, bringing energy savings for the food industry and quicker payback on investment. They are faster and more efficient as well as reducing costs, complexity and parts reliance.


MPE Ltd, manufacturers of the all-electric i3 and i4 tray sealers, believes that in these days of soaring power bills, global supply chain issues and staff shortages a fully automated line that requires minimum downtime and reduced human intervention is the answer.

all-electric i3 tray sealer from MPE UK Ltd

What are the benefits for my products?

Here’s the rub. Tray sealing with MAP extends the shelf life of many food applications. For instance, red meat maintaining its colour is vital for shelf appeal. However, with the world in a constant flux over supplies of gas, skin packing is becoming more popular as an alternative.


The major advantages of skin packaging are extended shelf life and enhanced pack appearance, while other benefits include moisture retention, the ability to customise pack shape and dimensions as well as vertical merchandising.


MPE’s Technical Director, John Hodgkiss, says: “Fully electric, versatile tray sealers now on the market are ideal for meat products, fresh produce and ready meals. This flexible, high throughput technology is easy to operate and capable of running large format trays, including cardboard and skin packs.”